Once upon a time

folk improvisations

Years and years ago when the grandparents of our grandparents were young there weren’t any apartment buildings, shopping centers, television, computers, but there was lots and lots of nature and animals in their yards- roosters, cows, goats, donkeys and they all needed lots of care. People got up early and got to work immediately- feeding the animals, planting, harvesting, kneading and baking bread, milking the animals, cleaning, spinning, weaving… From morning to nightfall, from January to December. And even though the work wasn’t little, nor was it easy, they found time for songs, laughter and teases in different gatherings and festivities. They loved and wanted to be loved- their love fluttered like a bird and they were ready to pass through fire if necessary to keep it safe.

“Once upon a time” is a musical fairytale about life with puppets made out of authentic for that time elements, told with a smile and admiration for the Bulgarian folklore.