Festival — Statute




organizer State Puppet Theatre – Sliven
соorganizer Bulgarian Ministry of Culture

Sliven Municipality

periodicity biennial
first edition 2009
Address of the festival Bulgaria

Sliven  8800

bul. „Tsar Osvoboditel“ № 24

Phone: 35944/62 27 18;  35944/ 62 35 41; 35988 882 21 17
Е-mail, web e-mail: kuklenteater@abv.bg, kuklenteater@mail.bg, kuklenteater@yhahoo.com

www. puppets-sliven.eu

Artistic Director: Efimya Pavlova
Executive Director Ivanka Nedeva


1.To  make the art a part of the our daily life, even for several „enchanted” by the Sliven’s wind days.

2.To present a varied and high-quality program of performances for different spaces and audiences of different age levels.
3. To popularize contemporary trends and encourage artistic experimentation in the field of art.
4. To create an opportunity for communication and creative contact between creators from different countries.
5. To create conditions for new art activities in the city environment, preparing young people for new communication forms.
6. To support creativity and the international exchange of cultural values and to encourage the movement of creators and their creations by emphasizing cultural variety and the development of new forms of cultural expression.

7. To show not only creative, but and civil initiative for changе of the thought and  the creators’s activities for the youth’s education.

8.To perform Sliven as an European town, with committed and creative attitude to people’s free time.



1. The international art festival „The Magic of the wind” takes place once in  two  years, i.e. biеnnalе. First edition 01.06 – 05.06.2009.

2. Different proffesional, municipal and private art troups, also students from different art academies, wich works can performed at coventional and uncoventional places,  can takes part in the Festival.

3. A single theatre troupe can perform at most two different productions.

4. The general public is the target of the Festival.

5. The Festival has not competition character.
6. Potential participants must submit a written application – in bulgarian and english language, which must be accompanied by visual materials – DVD, VCD or VHS recordings of the production, five photos, a short annotation, advertising materials and a completed form outlining the troupe’s technical needs.

7.  A selection committee chooses which proposed productions to include in the festival.
8. In case of need to  view some performances on the spot, the candidate will pay  all costs connected with a selectionist (per diems, hotels, travel expenses).

9.The participants will be officially notified of the selection committee’s decision.
10. All costs connected with a troupe’s /maximum for 7 people/ stay in Bulgaria and participation in the festival (per diems, hotels) will be paid by the organizers. All participants over  that number will pay the costs at their expense.

11. The participants payed travel costs at their expense.

12. There is no fees for the performances.

13.The proceeds from the performances  are in SPT-Sliven’s favour.

14.The organizers will also pay to the creators a relevant copyright percentage, after affordant of copy of the contract with the author.

15. In case of additional engagement to the participant, it will negotiate with the organizers, according to the financial possibilities of the Festival.

16. Financial conditions with the foreign troups will negotiate  individually with every troupe.

17. The organizers invites as a guests of honour famous creators: authors, directors, composers, scenographers, actors, drama specialists, journalists etc.

18. All theatre troupes wich takes part in the Festival will receive honorary sign, as well as certificates of participation.


1. International art festival „The Magic of the wind” is organized by the State Puppet Theatre – Sliven, Sliven Municipality, Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

2.The organization and the implementation of the Festival  leads by the Organizing committee with president – General manager of State Puppet  Theatre – Sliven.

3. The Organizing committee designates and chooses the members of the selection committee.

4.  Financial support for the organization and production of the festival comes from Sliven Municipality, the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, State Puppet Theatre – Sliven, sponsors, donations, etc. The funds are allocated by the Organizing committee.

5. The Festival’s partners are: the Bulgarian Association of Puppet Theatres “AKT – UNIMA, Bulgaria”, the Bulgarian Actors’ Guild (BAG), and the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov.”

6. The organizing committee will answer any questions connected with the festival not answered in the present guidelines.


1. „The Magic of the wind”  has additional events like:

-  seminars, master’s classes, workshops for children , exhibitions, etc.;

2. Charity initiative with previously announced cause.