“The Magic of the Wind” is an arts festival that seeks to unite the tastes of young and old , parents and children , spectators and professionals. The first edition of the biennale was held in 2009.

International Festival of Arts “The Magic of the Wind ” allows expression and meeting of different art forms , free coexistence of specific synthetic forms presented in classic and unusual spaces aimed at a wider audience. Along with traditional performances viewers can see and become involved in street attractions, art installations , workshops and games , street studios.

This is the unique vision of this festival, different from other formats in the country – representing a wide range of art forms situated in different areas and at different ages , ethnicity and bias audience.

The main aim of the festival is to present the diversity  of the arts to the residents and visitors of Sliven. The ambition of the organizers is to become a festival tradition as well as an event – an important part of life in the city of Sliven and Bulgaria , as well as the desired number of Bulgarian and foreign artists a prestigious stage on which to showcase their achievements .