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From the article by ZbigniewBbezdek- professor in the Paris Theatrical Academy.

… “The white egret” was one of the two or three best productions at the festival- clear, stylish, professional, perfect…

Aleksandru Popescu, Romania, 1975

“The Little Prince” is an amazing theatrical accomplishment from a directional perspective. Your production was a magnificent win over a story, which is extremely hard to be realize by a director.

Mayo Djurovic, Yugoslavia

“I am excited and amased by the performance of the National Puppet Theatre Sliven. No other theatre has ever performed better on this stage.”

1979 in “Rabotnichesko delo” newspaper Sevelina Gyiorova

“We the sparrows” brings joy to every viewer.

Professor Atanas Ilkov

Some performances are forever imbedded in my memory “The little prince” by Zlati Zlatev and “We the sparrows” by Lidiya Aleksandrova.

1980 “Slivensko delo” Iliana Drumeva

“We the sparrows” has won the admiration by all the professionals and the viewers from Sofia.

1980 ”Theatre” magazine, book 1 Eshua Belo

“We the sparrows” was the biggest surprise of this review.

Veslana Domanska- head of “Theatre”section in the Ministry of Culture

Очарована съм от nie vrabchetata. I was charmed by “We the sparrows”.

Jose Luis Carasquedo, arts supervisor at “Los Gigantilos” in Burgos, Spain:

I am not afraid to say that I was very impressed by “We the sparrows”. I envy your fellow Bulgarians, who can enjoy the show without the language barrier.

Uber Roman, director of “Zigomarite” theatre in Namur, Belgium:

Good job, friends! Now, that I have seen your sparrows I feel the urge to come to Sliven and see how your directors work.

Yite Abidstriom, director of “Abidstriom” theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark:

To only say that I congratulate the actors, who performed in “We the sparrows”, is not enough. This production is every director’s dream.

1981 “Slivensko delo” newspaper Violeta Raynova

The art between the puppet and the actors is what amazes and draws us to the Puppet Theatre in Sliven’s new production “Hey, Yatsichek”- it is good, bright and exquisitely artistic…

1982 “Slivensko delo” newspaper Kuzman Krustev

The Puppet Theatre in Sliven’s new production “Ray of sunshine” by Aleksandru Popescu is an amazing experience for the little viewers. The production is breathtaking and occupies the children’s attention from begging to end.

1982 “Slivensko delo” newspaper Rozaliya Radichkova

…. “I want to grow up” engulfs the children into the magic of the theatre.

Dimitar Kirov

…. “The little fairy” provokes any artist to attempt a new and serious rethinking of what this art actually is.

“Theatre” magazine, book 9, prof. Snejina Panova

…“Punch and Judy” by the Puppet theatre in Sliven is a celebration of the Puppetry art.

Prof. Chavdar Dobrev

“One of the brightest examples of the Bulgarian theatrical art at the 1986 Apoloniya festival was shown to us by the Puppet Theatre in Sliven, through their production “Punch and Judy”.

1996 “Slivensko delo” newspaper Valeriya Andreeva

(“The Storm” by Shakespeare on the stage in Sliven)

… It is all so much fun, easy and ends well. If we look beyond this exterior, however, we find a sad finale, despite the jokes, parody and intended laughter.

2002 “Capital” newspaper Bogdana Kosturkova

“Snow white” charmed me with its elegance and the continuous logic behind the story, from beginning to end.

2005 “Slivensko delo” newspaper Yana Kolarova

If you go and see “The little magic with Andy” you will see Andrey Drennikov as Andy in this full of songs musical performance…

2006  “Slivensko delo” newspaper“Juau in the land of the impossible”

…This production is aimed at those older children, who go to the theatre in the search for something new and unusual. This excites the imagination and fills the soul with a pleasant surprise, giving it ideas that were earlier unknown. Nothing can enter the soul faster than pure beauty…

2007 г.  - Bulletin from the VI International Puppet Theatre Festival in Namur, Belgium for “The cuckoo clock”

An inspiration arrived to us from the East.

 2008 г.  - “A story on the palm of your hand” from the Czech author Iva Perizhinova for the first time on a Bulgarian stage  

Mihael Velner- Pospishil- director of the Czech Cultural center in Sofia, Bulgaria

The premiere of  “A story on the palm of your hand” filled me with emotion and I enjoyed myself a lot.

2009 г.  - Bulletin from the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Namur, Belgium for “Puss in boots”

If I have to comment on the arrived from the East “Puss in boots”, I would say that the way Teodora Popova gives life to the puppets, made from wood and fabric, exposed the soul of Bulgarian culture to the young and the old.

2009 Kuklart magazine Natasha Kolevska

“A refreshing breeze from “The magic of the wind””

From the 1st till the 5th of June in 2009 the National Puppet Theatre in Sliven accepted the challenge to become a center for the arts. They not only invited a number of puppet productions to the festival, but also created a setting fit for creative meetings between the artists and a free dialogue with the parents and children.