About us — About SPT – Sliven

                 State Puppet Theatre – Sliven has been entertaining its young audience more than 50 years. Most of the performances, given on its stage, have been included in the “golden fund” of the Bulgarian puppet art. The numerous prizes and international festivals indicate the European work level in the theatre. Over the years the State Puppet Theatre – Sliven has won many awards and the recognition of the audience in the country and abroad.

At present the theatre repertoire covers titles for the youngest children, as well as titles for teenagers and grown-up audience. Some of these titles are based on classical Bulgarian and world works for children, and others-on the latest inventions in the field of theatrical text.

The greatest names in the Bulgarian puppet theatre art put up their plays on the stage of the theatre. At the same time it gives actors, directors and scenographers, who have just graduated, the opportunity for artistic activities and experimental search.

The theatre staff is very qualified and adaptive and takes part in cooproductions. 

Its stage is wide open for all theatrical companies and structures, willing to be guests, for holding seminars, conferences and workshops in the field of theatre innovations. 

State Puppet Theatre – Sliven is one of the few theatres in Bulgaria that kept its workshops for making scenery, puppets and costumes. The theatre accomplishes foreign productions at a very high professional level – different systems of puppets, theatre and carnival costumes, accessories and requisite.

The Puppet Theatre of Sliven keeps open and intensive relations with all the other puppet and dramatic theatres in the country, with academies and institutes of dramatic and fine arts and with all state cultural institutes, non-government organizations and European foundations.

At the moment State Puppet Theatre – Sliven is a leading theatre institute in the region and an accumulating centre for cultural events for children and adults. For the years of its existence theatre proves itself as a centre of aesthetic influence to children with its appropriately selected and continuously updated repertoire, high artistic value of the performances and professionalism of actors.

The theatre organizes and hosts the International Art Festival ”The Magic of the Wind”. The festival is trying to unite the tastes of little and grown up spectators, children and adults and the whole family. The main idea of the festival is to present the diversity and multi-colourfulness of different kinds of arts to the citizens and guests of Sliven.