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National “Telephone 112” tour


Project- National “Telephone 112” tour with the co-operation between the theatre, the Directorate “National system 112” and the Ministry of Education

For the first time ever in Bulgaria there is a show which aims to popularize and explain the need for the existence of The European emergency number 112.

Read with me


“Stories of the magical umbrella”- developed in the National Puppet Theatre Sliven with the assistance from the National campaign “Bulgaria reads”, which is supported by the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev and included in the strategy of the Ministry of Education aimed at increasing the people’s ability to read.



Project ORALITIES is a European Union cultural program developed for 2007-2013. The project includes countries from South Europe and the Mediterranean, which are members of the Association of cities with cultural and historical heritage. The municipality of Sliven has been a member of this association since 2005. The main developer of this project is the municipality of Evora, Portugal. Other partners are Mertola and Idanha a Nova, Portugal; Ourense, Spain; Ravenna, Italy; Birgu, Malta; Sliven, Bulgaria and the Siuda arl Association, France;

The project aims at opening up a multicultural dialogue, increasing travelling opportunities and encouraging the international exchange of cultural and artistic creations, while implementing multicultural efforts to increase the municipalities’ development.

The secrets of the old chest


This project aims at developing strong bonds with organisations, which strive to preserve Bulgarian Folklore by teaching it to children and spreading their interest and wanting to continue abiding by these traditions and keep the Bulgarian flame alive in their hearts. Simultaneously, these organisations allow children to interpret and integrate the old with the new and continue to a successful future with strong traditional bonds.

Associations with NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov”

This association allows young students of the art to present their coursework and dissertation plays on a professional stage hall in from of an audience. The students’ who are studying stage design, work in professional workshops, where they develop the entire set for a play.

Puppet Town


Loud fun for the young and old. This is the city of dreams where children and their parents constantly smile while they dance, sing, play, take part in different workshops and win gifts.

This celebration is organized with the assistance from the Municipality of Sliven, by the National Puppet Theatre Sliven.

It is held in multiple locations including the fountain plaza in front of the Municipal Building of Sliven, the Puppet theaters’ stage hall and the main pedestrian street in the city. It is held three times a year- on the 1st of June, International Children’s day; the 25th of October, Dimitar’s Name day and also the Town Holiday, and in December a Christmas Edition, which includes a celebratory turning on of the lights on the Christmas tree.